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When you realize that you are playing with a team that has multiple championships, finals appearances, and legends that have played on the team, you know that you have to live up to the expectations to bring a championship title home to no other than the Los Angeles Lakers.

Last season, when LeBron brought the Los Angeles Lakers their 17th NBA Finals title, it meant that the King himself had successfully completed his mission and served his purpose to what he had to do once he was brought in during the Summer of 2018.

During the time LeBron decided to leave the Cavaliers and head to the Los Angeles Lakers, the playoff hopes of the team escalated as they have not had a truly dominant player since the days of Kobe Bryant. Before LeBron’s arrival in LA, the Lakers have missed 5 straight years of appearing in the playoffs.

In 2019, when the Lakers decided that they needed to add another star to pair with LeBron, the gate to the Larry O’Brien Trophy opened up for the Lakers. The team went all in to trade and receive Anthony Davis.

It was not only the players that LeBron had to win the title, but it also took the mentoring and learning of how to play defense under Coach Vogel. LeBron committed to learning this defense, which made the defensive ranking of the Lakers jump from 12th to one of the top defenses in the NBA in that season.

The most difficult time that LeBron had to face aside from basketball would be during the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant. It was this time where LeBron truly took the leadership mantle. It became more important to win the title not only for the city of Los Angeles, but for Kobe and his family as well.

During the time in the NBA “Bubble Playoffs,” LeBron was the team leader and led the Lakers to a 16-5 record. With adding the Championship trophy to the team, LeBron also received his 4th Finals MVP. With that, the King himself is now in the likes of players such as Jerry West, George Mikan, Kareem, and Magic Johnson, and it seem as though he is not slowing down anytime soon.