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Self-discipline is something that many people struggle with throughout multiple aspects of their lives. For athletes in particular, self-discipline is especially important. In the game of basketball, players have to demonstrate self-discipline both when practicing and playing the game. No matter the level of the athlete, self-discipline is something that has to be learned and mastered in order to have a successful season. Here are some tips to help learn the art of self-discipline.

  1. Ask Yourself Why?

The first step in establishing self-discipline is reflecting on your “why.” Why did you start playing basketball? For most players, it is a love for the game. For others, it may be a tradition in the family. No matter the reason, reflecting on this will set the tone for your mindset going into a new season.

  1. Evaluate Yourself

What areas are you most driven to succeed in? Maybe making plays and practicing on the court is cake, but the weight room is something that you struggle with. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses in terms of self-discipline will make the next steps that much easier.

  1. Make a Plan

Making a plan or detailed schedule will help maintain high levels of self-discipline. For example, scheduling in the parts of basketball that you don’t particularly look forward to, and then adding something fun afterwards can be a great way to motivate yourself.

  1. Push Forward

When training in the weight room or on the court, it can be tempting to stop when you start to tire. A great coach will tell you to push a bit longer when you feel like you need to stop. If the last set of ten reps feels impossible, pick up the weights and see if you can get to five. Taking these steps to push your body and mind forward in small increments will not only help you grow physically stronger, but it will also improve your self-discipline.

  1. Think About the Consequences

There will be days when it is tempting to skip a workout or practice. However, this is where self-discipline comes into play. As an athlete, think of what the consequences are of a missed workout or practice. You are depriving yourself of being in the best shape possible as well as having all team information. Don’t let both you and your team down!