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Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the United States not only for youth but for people of all ages. One of the most important aspects of a player’s game is the arc they shoot the ball with. Shoot it with too much arc and it will never reach the basket, shoot it with too little arc and it won’t be able to fall in the basket when it gets there. So what are the key factors to developing the perfect shooting arc?

  • Identify What Type Of Shooter You Are Currently

  • Hone In The Distance Of Your Shot

  • Utilize A Noah Machine And Develop Muscle Memory


Identify What Type of Shooter You Are

Nearly every basketball player is at least slightly different in their styles of play. But, there are some similar characteristics among truly great shooters that set them apart from the rest. If amateurs were to imitate these practices, their game could more than likely improve. First, the ideal shot angle based on a study of thousands of shots is approximately forty five degrees. If you tend to release at a higher or lower angle than this, you may need to adjust accordingly.

Hone in on the Distance of Your Shot

In addition to the arc angle of a shot, the distance the shot goes is just as important. The ideal distance into the basket for a shot to fall is eleven inches from the front lip of the rim. The minimizes the chances of the ball bouncing off the rim and maximizes the chances of going in. Statistically speaking, the best shooters are not those who swish the ball as this is far less common than catching at least some portion of the rim.

Utilize a “Noah Machine” and Develop Muscle Memory

The final step to developing a perfect shooting arc is to invest in what is known as a Noah Machine. This is a machine that can quickly analyze the arc angle of your shot and audibly calls out this angle as you’re shooting. The key here is muscle memory. If you can consistently shoot while the machine calls out forty five degrees, your body will develop the muscle memory necessary to implement this shot in a real game scenario.