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Basketball movies are full of crazy moves, wild shots, and incredible athletic feats. The slow-motion buzzer shots and the sound of squeaky sneakers against the gym floor add something special to these movies. That being said, here are five of the very best basketball movies to grace the big screen.


Space Jam


The 1990s were all about Michael Jordan when it came to basketball, so “Space Jam” was just another way to capitalize on his immense success. The animation of supercharged aliens and well-known cartoons teaming up with some of the biggest NBA stars of that time made this movie one of the most memorable sports films of all time.


Coach Carter


Samuel L. Jackson is a tough-yet-loving basketball coach in “Coach Carter” as he takes over a team with little motivation. They have talent, but their time is spent elsewhere, typically in troubling situations. Coach Carter, based on the real Ken Carter, comes in to change this team for the best. They’re taught to be honorable men who fight for good grades and play for the love of the game.


White Men Can’t Jump


Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson both aren’t exactly “basketball height,” but their confidence on the court makes up for it. The characters begin as enemies. Harrelson loves to make money hustling players that don’t think he can actually play, while Snipes picks up on his con artist moves and comes to the conclusion that they can make money together. This is a movie that combines basketball, relationships, and laughter.


Love and Basketball


A love story between two basketball players is the epicenter of this movie. The relationship between Sanaa Lathan’s character and Omar Epps’ character is portrayed perfectly through the ups and downs of life and basketball. “Love and Basketball” is more about two people falling in love through the intricacies of the game itself.


Glory Road


“Glory Road” is all about basketball in the 1960s. Josh Lucas takes over the program and fills it with seven Black players that wouldn’t normally have an academic future due to the color of their skin. Lucas leads them to the National Championship Game, where he makes history starting five black players. This movie is a great history lesson and a sports entertainment documentary all in one.